Tanka from GUSTS   2009~2005

My Favorite Tanka from GUSTS #9,  spring/summer 2009

                                       selected by Janick Belleau

buried earth

a silver carpet – 

maples and I

gaze at the barrenness

we see in each other 
                                  Chen-ou Liu

spring wind

unfolds my memories’ book…

between leaves

a dry lime leaf

and my lost youth
                               Magdalena Dale

the moon

so far to the north

and this chill…

could we both be lost

in a landscape gone awry?
                                        Kirsty Karkow


My Favorite Tanka from 
GUSTS #8, fall/winter 2008

selected by Natalia L. Rudychev

I still remember

the way he called

my name

but don't remember now

the way he betrayed me

Kozue Uzawa

our paths crossed

again today


things of the past

frozen in time

Art Stein

a message from

the soul

but before I can

write it down,

the words evaporate

            Alexis Rotella

My Favorite Tanka from GUSTS #7, Spring/Summer 2008

 selected by Amelia Fielden

I am a speck

on this rock in this ocean

lost in endless space

but for this puppy I hold

I am a warm, breathing world

                                            Denis M. Garrison

what shall we grow

this Year of the Rat?

I want to seed

the entire valley

in meadowlarks

                             Michael McClintock

at break of day

who leads, who follows

an old man,

unsteady hand outstretched,

an old dog, worried, careful

Sonja Arntzen

My Favorite Tanka from 
GUSTS #6, Fall/Winter 2007

                     selected by Melissa Dixon

going without sound

the deer into the darkness

of dawn

so gently you took your leave

never once looking back

                                          Marjorie Buettner

in a withered 

field, this child,

without mother

drinking dreams from

a bowl of stars

                              robert d. wilson

cat sprawled

on the windowsill

his tail alive

with all that is April

and airborne

                           Barry George

My Favorite Tanka from GUSTS #5, Spring/Summer 2007

                                selected by Art Stein

alzeheimer's ward

I bring

my grandmother

a bouquet

of forget-me-nots

                            Stanford M Forrester

women's retreat

deep down in the woods

arriving at our site

we take off

our watches

                        Monika Thoma-Petit

I can see

in the bathroom mirror

someone who

looks like I might

when I am old, someday

                                    Amelia Fielden

My Favorite Tanka from GUSTS #4, Fall/Winter 2006

                     selected by Joanne Morcom

a bst or night bird

flies across my field of vision

a dark slash  

between this moment

and this moment                                                                                    

                                  Claudia Coutu Radmore

a homeless woman 

with my face 

may live 

in this town— 

my other side

                        Naoko Kishigami Selland

November gusts

last leaves flutter to the ground—  

in quiet moments 

there is no escaping it 

this feeling of things ending

                                            Thelma Mariano

My Favorite Tanka from GUSTS #3, Spring/Summer 2006

                            selected by Giselle Maya

gusts — 

once again 

the birch tree 

with a deep 


           Robert Kusch 


salt on my tongue 

pulled into his body's curve 

I dream of conches 

that curl inside my palm 

and whisper of the sea

                                     Beverley George 


my favorite things 

best enjoyed in small measure 

like this stillness 

before the morning rush 

as I sit with my tea

                                 Thelma Mariano 

My Favorite Tanka from GUSTS #2, Fall/Winter 2005

                       selected by Guy Simser

chilly night… 

I huddle by the fire 

drinking Sangria 

and refuse to wonder 

where the hell you are

                                  Joanne Morcom 

in forward flight 

between its wingspan, an owl’s 

heart-shaped face… 

small things that go unnoticed 

until they come stgraight at you



thirty years 


of the rhododendron 

deep red at the core

                                       Pamela Miller Ness 

My Favorite Tanka from GUSTS #1, Spring/Summer 2005

                            selected by Kozue Uzawa

May air is softer 

no more soot and snow 


a dark root 

I tug at, and tug at

                                 Anne Cimon 


maybe I'll just hang low 

like a few wistful clouds 

and think 

of the many ways 

to write a poem

                             June Moreau 


on the north-facing ground 

that never sees the sun 

still clumps of snow and ice— 

things unresolved in me 

make their presence known

                                           George Swede

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