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<tanka books>

The Jade Pond: Vancouver Haiku Group Anthology, 2018. Edited by Angela Naccarato and Jaqueline Pearce. (One haiku of mine—my first haiku— is included.)

The Jade Pond


A Temple Bell Sounds — 108 tanka from the first twenty-one issues of Eucalypt: a tanka journal, selected by Beverley George, Australia, 2017.  (My tanka is among the 108 tanka.)


more grows in a crooked row — tanka conversations of Angela Leuck (with 15 Canadian tanka poets. I’m one of them.) 2016 inkling press  www.inklingpress.ca


Heiwa Man’yo-shu vol. 4 (I contributed two “peace” tanka.) Heiwa Man’yoshu Kanko-iinkai, 2016, Tokyo.

An Anthology of Modern Japanese Tanka / Anthologie de tanka japonais modernes, 2015. Published by Editions du tanka francophone (Quebec, Canada). 

I participaed as a translator (Japanese into English).



Shinukku - Yuki Kuu Kaze (Chinook - Snow Eater) : collection of tanka (in Japanese), 2012.

About 500 are selected from my tanka appeared in Kokoro no Hana from 1997 to 2011.


                           Published by the Tanka Kenkyu-sha Press, Tokyo.

I’ m a Traveler : a collection of tanka, 2011 (out of print)

This book was displayed at the POETS HOUSE SHOWCASE 2011, NYC, New York, during summer, together with other several books published by MET Press in 2010~2011. 


                              Published by Modern English Tanka Press, Baltimore.

***Susan Constable featured me in A Hundred Gourds and wrote a book review of I’m a Travever.


Today’s Forecast (I tranlated Eve Luckring’s tanka into Japanese.) 2008

Kaleidoscope (Mangekyo): Selected Tanka of Shuji Terayama, 2008

       This book is out of print, but you could obtain a used book through <amazon.co.jp> (Japanese site).

You can read my short essay about Terayama’s tanka at Simply Haiku archives.


          Published by Hokuseido Press, Tokyo.


Introduced in the Asahi Shinbun (morning edition), April 27, 2008.

Terayama Mangekyo Asahi

Yomiuri Shinbun, July 2, 2008

Terayama Yomiuri

Nihon Keizai Shinbun, April 12, 2008  (I was telephone-interviewed for this article.)

Terayama Nikkei

Landfall -- Poetery of Place in Modern English Tanka, edited by Denis M. Garrison & Michael McClintock (MET Press, Baltimore, 2007). My tanka sequence titled Living in Lethbridge is included.)


Ferris Wheel: 101 modern and contemporary tanka (with Amelia Fielden), 2006. Published by Cheng & Tsui, Boston.

***This book received the 2007 Donald Keene Translation Award for Japanese Literature from Columbia University, New York. 

  …with Dr. Donald Keene and Amelia Fielden after the award ceremony


photo: Ruri Hazama

Vancouver Shinpo, May 29, 2008. (I was interviiewed for this big article.)

shinpo kozue's article

As Things are: Translation of Kawano Yuko’s 100 best tanka (with Amelia Fielden), 2005

                           Canberra: Ginninderra Press

Kashu Kanada Nite (a collection of tanka written from 1992 to 1997) 1998 (out of print)

Tokyo: Shinpu-sha

You can read some tanka from this book. Please go to 鵜沢梢の短歌

Asahi Shinbun, December 6, 1999.

asahi Canada nite

***One of the poems is included in Shin Ori Ori no Uta no.5 (ed. M. O’oka), published by Iwanami, Tokyo, 2000.

ori ori no uta


<Translation -  English tanka into Japanese>

Translated Michael Dylan Welch’s tanka (GUSTS 22, p.14, 2015) into Japanese.

                    driving to work

                   on Valentine’s Day—

                   without you

                    a microchip reminds me

                    to fasten my seatbelt


      kimi no konu



      shiito-beruto o to

      maikuro-chippu ga

This was asked by Michio Ohno, and quoted in his tanka essay <tanka on urban life> Gendai Tanka, October, 2015.

Ohno 1


Ohno 2

< textbooks>

Lessons in Composition and Oral Presentations ~ from Beginners' to Intermediate Japanese~

(作文とスピーチのレッスン〜初級から中級へ〜)Tokyo, 1998


Tokyo: ALC Press (out of print now after 6,000 copies were sold worldwide.)

  ***Chinese version published in 2003 by 鴻儒堂出版社, Taiwan


This textbook (Japanese version) was used in the NHK TV show (Oikonomia) on February 2, 2018. Naoki Matayoshi (novelist) was reading the book (p.16) in the show.

< tanka journal publishing>

GUSTS no.1 (spring/summer 2005) published with Angela Leuck.

It’s reported in Lethbridge Herald, November 5, 2005.

Lethbridge Herald

<Award Winning Research Paper>

Second languge learners’ processes of L1 writing, L2 writing, and translation from L1 into L2. Journal of Second Language Writing 5, 271-294. 1996. (This article received the Journal’s Best Article of the Year Award, 1997.)

<tanka related book blurbs, afterword, reviews>

Blurb for Love is a Tanka by Jeanne Lupton, Blue Light Press, San Francisco, USA, 2021.

Afterword for Joanne Morcom’s Like Ocean Waves, Morcom Enterprises, Calgary, 2017.

Back cover blurb for Naomi Beth Wakan’s The Way of Tanka, Shanti Arts Publishing, Maine, USA, 2017.

Blurb for Naomi Beth Wakan’s A Gabriola Notebook, Pacific-Rim Publishers, BC, 2015.

Blurb for Weathered Wings: An Anthology of Poetry, The Magpie Haiku & Tanka Poets, Alberta, 2012.

Blurb for To Sadie at 18 monthes and other poems by Edward J. Rielly, Moon Pie Press, Main, 2011.

Afterword for about the blue moon by Joanne Morcom, Inkling Press, Edmonton, 2009.

Blurb for Meals at Midnight by Micheael McClintock (hard-cover edition) Modern English Tanka Press, Baltimore, 2008.

Review of Behind Summer (translation of Natsu no Ushiro by Kyoko Kuriki) by A. Fielden and A. Yuhki (Ginninderra Press, Canberra, 2005), Tanka Journal 27, 2005.

Review of Cold Waves: A Life of Tanka by Anna Holley and its Japanese translation by Aya Yuhki (Ashi Press, Dallas, 1999), Tanka Journal 17, 2000.

<tanka related journals>

You can find my English tanka / translations / essays in the following journals. (Also, go to Kozue’s English Tanka — you can read some of my English tanka there.)

A Hundred Gourds (on line)

Eucalypt (Australia)

GUSTS (Canada)

International Tanka (Japan)

moonbathing (USA)

red lights (USA)

Tanka Cafe (in Ribbons) (USA)

Simply Haiku (on line)

Skylark (UK)

Tanka Journal (Japan) 

Tanka Splendor 2006 (on line)

PRESENTATIONS (tanka related)

Recited my haiku for the book lauch of The Jade Pond (Vancouver Haiku Group Anthology) at Massy Books, Vancouver, June 11, 2018. (One of my haiku was published in the anthology.)

Tanka Workshop at the Joy Kogawa House, Vancouver, Sept 22, 2017

photo: Jacqueline Pearce

Tanka Sunday in Santa Fe, USA: Tai Chi tanka performance, Sept 17, 2017.


                                                               photo: Maxianne Berger

Word Vancouver 2016: One-hour tanka workshop, Sept 25, 2016, Vancouver Public Library, downtown.   

Word Vancouver

World Poetry Cafe radio show (100.5 FM) July 7, 2016, 13:00~14:00. Talked about tanka and read some tanka in English and Japanese. 

World Poetry monthly reading event, New Westminster Library, BC, June 22, 2016. Tanka Reading.

Lyon-Japan Tanka Event, Lyon, France, Sept 13, 2014. Talked about English tanka for the French tanka poets.

Tanka Society of America’s one day seminar. Long Beach CA., Aug 18, 2013. Talked about English tanka in Canada as a guest speaker.

                      photo: Maggie Chula

Tanka reading. Vancouver Haiku Group “Under the Cherry Trees” an evening of haiku, free verse, and music at Chapters Bookstore, Robson Street, Vancouver, May 2013.

                         photo: Jacqueline Pearce

                          <James Mullin playig an Asian flute for my reading>

Invitation to Tanka. Workshop presented at the Haiku Canada Weekend at McGill University, Montreal, May 2010.

Invitation to Tanka and GUSTS (Canada’s first tanka journal). Paper (in English) presented at the 4th Haiku Pacific Rim Conference, Terrigal, Australia, Sept 2009.

Tanka of Shuji Terayama. Paper (in English) presented at the Haiku Canada Weekend, Carleton University, Ottawa, May 2007.

photo: William J. Higginson

Syllables in English Tanka. Paper (in English) at the Haiku Canada Conference, University of British Columbia, BC, May 2006.

Problems of Translating Tanka into English. Joint paper (English and Japanese) with A. Fielden at the IJET-16 (the 16th International Japanese/English Translation Conference), Chicago, IL. June, 2005.

Onomatopoeia and Translation of Tanka into English (in English) presented  at the annual conference of the JSAC (Japan Studies Association of Canada), University of Victoria, BC. October, 2004.

Translation of tanka poems: Syllables in English and Japanese. Paper (in English) presented at the annual conference of the CAJLE (Canadian Association for Japanese Language Education), University of Calgary, August, 2003.

Syllables in English Tanka Poems. Paper (in English) presented at the ASPAC (Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast) AAS Regional Conference, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA,  June, 2002.

MEMBERSHIPS (tanka related)

Haiku Canada

International Tanka

Japan Tanka Poets’ Society (Nihon Kajin Club) (up to 2012)

Kokoro no Hana

Tanka Canada — co-founder & editor of its English tanka journal, GUSTS (2005~)

Tanka Society of America

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