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New tanka added: May 14, 2019

from GUSTS 29, 2019 

scent of spring...

inside the fabric shop

a six-year-old

playing in the button box

tells me grown-ups are boring

                                                 Maria Steyn (South Africa)

precious lost souls

like a fallen oak

leave a hole

in the sky

of the heart

                        Edna Searles (USA)


I can still travel 

the dark halls

that lead

to her soul

                 Huguette Ducharme (Canada) 

from GUSTS 28, 2018 

in the window

of the shoe store

on display

silver stilettos

aged feet fantasise

                        Jan Foster (Australia) 

my aunt’s diary

paragraphs about

doing the laundry

her wedding day

three words  

               munira judith avinger (Canada) 

groceries in the bag

the elderly gentleman’s

eyes glistening

unable to remember

the pin number

                          James B. Peters (USA) 

from GUSTS 27, 2018

this vine-covered shed

totally unremarkable

until that one week

of long, warm days

when the wisteria blooms

                            Elinor Pihl Huggett  (USA) 

a single cry

above the darkening


the bittern flies into

its loneliness

                            Robert Kusch  (USA) 

agitated pea green sea


in a matcha bowl

the storm preceding


                          Tom Lyon Freeland  (Canada) 

from GUSTS 26, 2017

my mechanic’s

new apprentice

lights up

the entire garage

with her smile

                           Maxianne Berger (Canada) 

my old PC

won’t co-operate

with me any more

…just like a teen-ager

trying my patience

                         Noriko Sato (Canada) 

beyond the trees

the golden moon

              a coyote

              lopes through

              the silence

                         elena johnson  (Canada) 

for your eyes only,

she says with a shy nod—

I think about this

then raise a hand to caress

her remaining breast

                         Michael Dylan Welch  (USA) 

from GUSTS 25, 2017

gulls shriek,

the ocean shrugs over

empty shells

this fine line between

being alone and lonely

                          Carole MacRury (USA) 

spring thaw

splintered ice patches

in pieces

numbly I listen 

to condolences

                        Terra Martin (Canada) 


at a fish market

a mother is explaining

to her three-year-old son

the benefits of Omega 3

                      Yasuko Ito Watt (USA) 



pulled to you. . .


dark moonrise

                 elehna de sousa (Canada) 

once a week

a care worker visits my house

and carefully


both the rooms and my mind

                      Fujiko Sato (Japan) 

from GUSTS 24, 2016


rainy days on the island

I soak myself

in the stormy ocean

of Dostoyevsky

                   Natsuko Wilson (Canada) 


of sun and sea

the deck chair

where he used 

to sit

                  Huguette Ducharme (Canada) 

this October wind

blows the leaves

up and back

maybe on a lonely day

you’ll think of me

                  Stanford M. Forrester (USA) 

whiskey voice

and a steel guitar


slides his music

along my spine

                 Jeff Seffinga (Canada) 


the cafe window

a woman

with green fingernails

taps the first day of spring

                     Gerry Jacobson (Australia) 

from GUSTS 23, 2016


the glass—

a taste of lipstick

just before

the taste of wine

                  Colin Bardell (Canada) 

your footsteps

on the wooden stairs

as you leave

this old house echoes

with loneliness

                 Anne Benjamin (Australia) 

slipping back to sleep

the rumble

of the midnight train

on its routine run

a lullaby of steel and fire

                     Richard St. Clair (USA) 

from GUSTS 22, 2015

coming directly

towards me across snow

a red fox

her cubs all gone now

her loneliness complete

                  Susan Mary Wade (UK) 

holding her

in her sadness

the world

not as we wish

yet perfect

                     Christina Nguyen (USA) 


of rejection

a panhandler

asks me

for the time

                 Robert Piotrowski (Canada)          

 from GUSTS 21, 2015

dark energy
pushing space itself
a ribbon of birds
wheels across the winter sky

                         Jenny Ward Angyal (USA) 

cafe coffee
with friends not seen
for a while
listening to them chatter
wondering why I came

                         Kirsty Karkow (USA)  

All men
become brothers… it says
I listen to Beethoven
in deep resignation

                       Tony Boehle (Germany)  

my nieces
sort out their toys
for the needy...
tiptoe out at night
to rescue them back

                       Dawn Bruce (Australia)  

from GUSTS 20, 2014

every night
the far high room
calls to me
every night the snow
falls in my sleep

                        Joy McCall (UK)  

just as you told me
now in the stream bed
the braille
of river-stones
under my feet

                   Kath Abela Wilson  (USA)  


a pine-dark hill
in the distance--
my thoughts
return to you

                   Marje A. Dyck (Canada)  

from GUSTS 19, 2014

is it the river
they follow in the dark?
cranes crying
hundreds, thousands,
under a waning moon                   

                 Ingrid Kunschke (Germany)  

two foreign girls
on vacation
my cat
suddenly fluent
in their language
                    Jeff Seffinga (Canada)  

I watch him
glide the bow across 

a cello's strings
closing my eyes
I am cello in his hands

                    Genie Nakano (USA)

cabin fever
the sound
of a snow plow
scrapping away
my loneliness

                     Pamela A. Babusci (USA) 

from GUSTS 18, 2013

name tag. . .
as if you might know
who I am
hidden deep
in aubergine ink 

                      Carol Judkins (USA) 

going into a cafe
to be alone, I choose the table
by the ebb and flow
of French conversation

                       Makoto Nakanishi (Japan) 

my wings
feel broken today
my corduroy coat
flung over a chair
in winter light

                       Michael McClintock (USA) 

coming into flower. . .
my mind drifts
to the oncology ward
your quiet acceptance

                       Mary Franklin (Canada) 

seventeen years
does not erase
the memory. . .
marigolds still bloom,
water runs in the creek
          Susan Constable (Canada) 

from GUSTS 17, 2013

if I leave
this colorful world
before you. . .
look for me in clear rain,
in the dew on a rose

                   Carole MacRury (USA) 

the things
I couldn't imagine
at twenty
I understand at sixty-nine
mom's love affair at seventy

                   Jeanne Jorgensen (Canada) 

clouds clearing
silver streaks on the sea,
this long long beach. . .
is seventy-one too old
to be ambitious

                  Amelia Fielden (Australia)  

GUSTS 16, 2012

the goodnight kiss
my daughter says . . .
what she missed
the most
when I left home

                   Ken Slaughter (USA) 

I miss

the slight sound of
walking on dry leaves
in our backyard
                  Naoko Kishigami Selland (Japan) 

written in pencil,
great-grandfather's letters
from Ceylon . . .
how far can one travel
resisting change?
                     Maria Steyn (South Africa)  

damson stones
in the gravel
so many 
missed chances
                 Robert Davey (UK)  

from GUSTS 15, 2012

she holds
her newborn brother
close to her chest
he's breathing
in time with my heart
                  Dawn Bruce (Australia) 

one grey goose
floating amongst
the reeds
the shape of
my solitary childhood
                  Marje A. Dyck (Canada) 

a thousand fireflies

out of dark woods--
light springs
from unexpected

               Luminita Suse (Canada)   

GUSTS 14, 2011

sunrise . . .
you hand me a cup
of coffee
darkened with what
you think of me
                   robert d. wilson (Philippines)    

a land
and yet
the cherry blossoms 

                  Pamela Cooper (Canada)   

from GUSTS 13, 2011

just by chance
the trail of a falling star
all my life
this unpredictability
of grace

             Michele L. Harvey (USA)  

to tightly wrap
my anxiety
furoshiki should do
with its flying cranes

                   Sanford Goldstein (Japan)  

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