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M.A., Ph.D.   University of British Columbia (Applied Linguistics, Second Language Education, Second Language Writing).

B.A.    Sophia University, Tokyo  (English Literature).

(I was short-listed for the 2012 Com Sophia Prize, which is given to the Sophia graduates who are actively working in the national and international communities. I missed the Prize, but I feel very honoured being one of the seven nominees.)  

<OCCUPATION> Retired University Professor

Taught Japanese linguistics, language, film, literature at the University of Lethbridge, Western Washington University, University of British Columbia, and Stanford University.


 • Books

The Jade Pond: Vancouver Haiku Group AnthologyEdited by Angela Naccarato and Jaqueline Pearce. Victoria, BC, 2018. (My first haiku is included.)

A Temple Bell Sounds — 108 tanka from the first twenty-one issues of Eucalypt: a tanka journal, selected by Beverley George, Australia, 2017.  (My tanka is among the 108 tanka.)

more grows in a cooked row — tanka conversations of Angela Leuck (with 15 Canadian Tanka Poets. I’m one of them.) Inkling press, 2016. 

Heiwa Man’yo-shu, vol. 4 (Heiwa Man’yo-shu Kanko Iinkai, Tokyo, 2016) I contributed two tanka. 

An Anthology of Modern Japanese Tanka / Anthologie de tanka japonais modernes, 2015. Published by Editions du tanka francophone (Quebec, Canada). (I participated as a translator, Japanese into English)

Shinukku - Yuki Kuu Kaze (Chinook - Snow Eater ) (collection of tanka in Japanese). Tokyo: Tanka Kenkyusha Press, 2012.  ***This tanka book was discussed in Tanka Kenkyu (July issue, 2012, pp160~63), by three contemporary tanka poets in Japan.

I'm a Traveler: a collection of tanka. Baltimore: Modern English Tanka Press, 2011. <Poetry> (out of print)

Kaleidoscope (Mangekyo): Selected Tanka of Shuji Terayama. (with A. Fielden). Tokyo: Hokuseido Press, 2008.   <Translation/Tanka>

Ferris Wheel:101 Modern and Contemporary Tanka. (with  A. Fielden). Boston: Cheng & Tsui, 2006   <Translation/Tanka> ***This book received the 2007 Donald Keene Translation Prize for Japanese Literature from Columbia University, New York.

As Things Are. Kawano Yuko’s Best 100 Tanka. (with  A. Fielden). Canberra, Australia: Ginninderra Press.2005,  <Translation/Tanka>

Lessons in Composition and Oral Presentation -- from Beginners’ to Intermediate Japanese. Taipei: Hong Ju Tang Publications Co,2003.  <Textbook> (Chinese edition)

Lessons in Composition and Oral Presentation -- from Beginners’ to Intermediate Japanese. Tokyo: ALC Press,1998.   <Textbook> (English edition);Second Printing (2002)   ***This textbook has been selected for the Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Teaching Materials Donation Program.  

In Canada. Tokyo: Shinpusha,1998.   <Tanka Collection, Japanese>  ***One of the poems was selected in Shin  Ori  Ori no Uta No.5 (Ed. M. O’oka) Iwanami Shoten, Tokyo. 2000.

Research Papers (in applied linguistics, second language writing, second language education)
Japanese language learners’ use of dictionaries in the process of reading Japanese text (In the case of Chinese native speakers.) Journal CAJLE, vol 5, 15-30. 2003.  

Using dictionaries in the process of reading Japanese text - In the case of English native speakers. Yamagata University Working Papers in Japanese Language Education, vol. 4, 1~15. 2000. 

Problem-solving in the translating processes of Japanese ESL learners. Canadian Modern Language Review, 53, 491-505. 1997.  

Second language learners’ processes of L1 writing, L2 writing, and translation from L1 into L2. Journal of Second Language Writing, 5, 271-294.  1996.   (***This article received the Journal’s Best Article of the Year Award, 1997.)

Translating and writing processes of adult second language learners. Dissertation Abstracts International, 56 (8), 3037 A. 1995.  

Translation, L1 Writing, and L2 Writing of Japanese ESL learners. Journal of the Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics, 16  (2), 119-134.  (Also,  in ERIC Document Reproduction Service,  No. ED 389 165) 1994.  
Writing strategies in Japanese as a foreign language: Lowering or keeping up the standards. Canadian Modern Language Review, 46, 178-194. (with Cumming, A). 1989.  


• Research Paper Manuscript Assessor

Cognition and Instruction, 2010    
Cognition and Instruction, 2008    
Journal of Second Language Writing, 2007    
Journal of Second Language Writing, 2002    
Canadian Modern Language Review, 2002    
Canadian Modern Language Review
, 1997    

• Tanka Book Manuscript Assessor

Inkling Press, 2016 (haiku book)

Inkling Press, 2012

Inkling Press, 2011

Inkling Press, 2009    

Inkling Press, 2006   

• Editor 

Editor of
GUSTS: Contemporary Tanka (Canada's first English tanka journal). 2005~   

Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal CAJLE, vol 6., 2004
Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal CAJLE, vol 5., 2003   

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